Project Description

Arts education helps children build both basic and advanced thinking skills, and instruct children in diverse modes of thinking and learning.

The knowledge and skills that students develop in learning to respond to, perform and create works of arts constitute a fundamental form of literacy students must have if they are to communicate successfully and function in today’s new media and information society.

  • Cognition – Expanding our knowledge and contributing to critical thinking, problem solving, analyzing information, and decision making.

  • Culture: Helping us to understand people and the traditions and symbols that have meaning for them. The arts are international and transcend the limits of different languages, and help to bridge the gaps in a diverse and complicated world.
  • Communication-  Sending and receiving information via various forms of media that are their own form of literacy.  Using sights, sounds, and movement to convey meaning beyond the power of words, arts education develops the ability to interpret and understand complex symbols in the same manner as language and mathematics.
  • Creativity – Encouraging and Cultivating imagination, invention and innovation skills, the arts is linked to scientific discovery, business planning and negotiation.Aenean ut purus non tortor rhoncus bibendum
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